Leveraging SMS Marketing to Skyrocket Sales: A 4/20 Case Study for Dispensaries

September 5, 2023

Cannabis dispensaries face a unique challenge when it comes to marketing. Due to strict advertising regulations, traditional platforms are often unavailable or ineffective. However, one channel that has proven to be a goldmine for dispensaries is SMS marketing. Let's dive into how SMS marketing can instantly increase sales, using the cannabis community's favorite day, 4/20, as an example.

1. Instantaneous Reach and Engagement

SMS boasts a whopping 98% open rate, with 90% of messages being read within the first three minutes. This immediacy is unparalleled in the marketing world. So, when a dispensary sends out a special 4/20 promotion via text, they can be confident it's reaching a vast majority of its subscribers instantly. This immediacy drives urgent action, capitalizing on the festive spirit of 4/20.

2. Exclusive Deals and Limited-Time Offers

4/20 is a day celebrated with enthusiasm in the cannabis community. Dispensaries can tap into this fervor by offering exclusive deals only available to SMS subscribers. Examples include:

  • "Flash Sales" at specific times on 4/20.
  • Exclusive strains or products launched just for the day.
  • Bundle deals or “4 items for the price of 20” offers.

By promoting these offers exclusively via SMS, dispensaries can incentivize customers to sign up for their messaging service and reward their loyal subscribers with exclusive deals.

3. Personalized Recommendations

With sophisticated SMS marketing platforms, dispensaries can segment their audience based on purchase history and preferences. For 4/20, this could mean sending tailored product recommendations. For instance, a subscriber who frequently buys CBD-heavy products might receive a message like, "Celebrate 4/20 with our new line of CBD edibles at a 20% discount, just for today!"

4. Real-time Updates on Product Availability

On high-demand days like 4/20, certain popular strains or products may sell out quickly. Dispensaries can use SMS to send real-time stock updates, ensuring their customers don't miss out. Messages like, "Low stock alert! Only 20 units left of [popular strain]. Grab yours before it's gone!" can create a sense of urgency and drive immediate sales.

5. Building Community and Celebrating the Culture

Beyond sales, 4/20 is a day of celebration for the cannabis community. Dispensaries can use SMS marketing not just to promote products but to share the history of 4/20, fun cannabis facts, or information about local 4/20 events. By celebrating the culture and educating their subscribers, dispensaries can foster a sense of community, building brand loyalty which translates to sustained sales beyond just the special day.

6. Encouraging Repeat Business

By capturing data during the 4/20 rush, dispensaries can follow up with customers, seeking feedback or offering deals on their next purchase. A post-4/20 message might read, "Thank you for celebrating 4/20 with us! As a token of appreciation, enjoy a 10% discount on your next visit."

In Conclusion:

For dispensaries, SMS marketing provides a direct, effective, and personal way to engage customers. And on special occasions like 4/20, the potential of this channel is magnified. By offering exclusive deals, sending real-time updates, personalizing messages, and building community, dispensaries can leverage SMS marketing to witness a significant spike in sales and foster long-term customer loyalty.