1. Get Permission

Request permission on your customers first visit. Remind repeat customers each visit.

2. Provide Value

Send messages only when you provide a significant value or information. Examples: BOGO on 8ths/carts. Shop updates from changing local city restrictions due to Covid19. There's a thin line between providing a value and spamming. Texting effectively takes a lot of work on the backend to provide a solid promotion worth announcing to the world.

3. Text Early

Schedule your messages to go out after 9am. The earlier the better, but play with it and see what works with your customer base. Do not send after 6pm.

4. Text Information That's Important Today

Send the message only if the value is only provided today. People will forget or take advantage of another promotion if you inform your customers before the promotion is in effect.

5. Analyze

Monitor the effectiveness of your blast. From the value provided, from the time sent to the people you sent it to. Adapt accordingly.

6. Be Personable

Lighten up the message with personality. Customer respond more effectively when they feel the message was written by the employees at the shop.