How To Start Sending Text Messages

Sending text messages with us is a breeze! You can get started in just five (5) simple steps!

STEP ONE: Sign up at

The easiest thing you’ll do today! But if you’d like a little more guidance check out how to sign up here.

STEP TWO: Add Credit to your account.

Adding credit is also simple and fast! Set your own affordable budget at .01/SMS (0.02/SMS +160 characters) , .03/MMS, and $1/local line. Check out exactly how to add credit here.

STEP THREE: Buy Numbers.

You’ll need numbers to send your text blasts from. We recommend about 100 local numbers per 10,000 customer contacts. Dive in to more information on phone numbers with us here. To get the specs on how to buy numbers click here.

STEP FOUR: Upload Customers.

Have your customer opt in list ready to upload in csv format with as little as the customers’ name and phone number. To see a step by step on uploading customer opt ins and customer lists click here.

STEP FIVE: Craft + Blast Message

Select your customer opt in list, pick your send from number list, type in your desired text or upload a flyer, test your message, and begin blasting messages! For all details and a how to send text blast click here.