How to Add Dispensary Workspace

Having multiple work spaces is great! Blackleaf is set up so you can create workspaces as needed based on location / billing parameters. Often times, higher level managers will want access to all their locations while being able to individually delegate access to dispensary locations.

Setting up a new dispensary workspace is a piece of cake! Follow along with the 4 easy steps below or check out our helpful video at the end.

1. Navigate to the ‘ + ‘ on the left hand side of the page to add a new workspace and title it accordingly.
2. Add your credit card! If you have to separate billing make sure you’re entering the appropriate card for the respective dispensary. Once you have the right card loaded up, add a credit to your account.
3. Buy phone numbers! Make sure that you search up the local area code for the dispensary you’ll be blasting. We recommend starting with 50 – 100 numbers depending on customer volume size.
4. Upload the respective customer list for this location. You can even get more granular with the lists as you move forward with blasts — i.e. vape customers, edible customers, etc.
5. Invite users as needed to each respective location.

Once you’ve completed these steps you’re ready to start blasting!