Business Text Message Examples That Work

September 4, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of business communication, text messages have emerged as a dynamic tool to engage customers directly and drive impactful interactions. Crafting effective text message examples is essential to captivate your audience and prompt desired actions. This article presents a diverse range of business text message examples across various categories, showcasing how businesses can effectively communicate with their customers.

1. Promotions and Offers:

Example 1: "🎉 Exclusive Weekend Deal! Get 25% off on all items this Saturday and Sunday. Use code WEEKEND25 at checkout. Shop now: [Link]."

Example 2: "Hello [Name], we're celebrating you with a special offer! Enjoy 20% off your next purchase. Use code SPECIAL20. Happy shopping!"

Example 3: "Ready for some savings? Our Midweek Madness sale is here. Score 30% off sitewide for the next 48 hours. Shop now: [Link]."

2. Personalized Recommendations:

Example 1: "Hi [Name], we noticed you love [Product Category]. Check out our new arrivals in that category and enjoy 15% off your first purchase: [Link]."

Example 2: "Discover your new favorite [Product]! Based on your preferences, we think you'll adore this. Explore it here: [Link]."

Example 3: "Hey [Name], treat yourself to some self-care! We've curated a selection of products we think you'll love. Browse now: [Link]."

3. Event Invitations and Updates:

Example 1: "Join us for an exclusive preview of our Spring Collection on [Date] at [Location]. Be the first to witness the latest trends. RSVP: [Link]."

Example 2: "Mark your calendar! Our webinar on [Topic] is happening next week. Secure your spot and gain valuable insights. Register here: [Link]."

Example 3: "Exciting news, [Name]! Our grand opening event is on [Date]. Enjoy music, food, and special discounts. See you there!"

4. Order and Delivery Notifications:

Example 1: "Great news, [Name]! Your order #[OrderNumber] is on its way. Expect delivery within [EstimatedDeliveryTime]."

Example 2: "Hi [Name], your package is out for delivery! Get ready to receive your new [Product]."

Example 3: "Your order #[OrderNumber] has been successfully delivered. We hope you love your new purchase!"

5. Customer Feedback and Surveys:

Example 1: "Hello [Name], we'd love to hear about your recent shopping experience. Take a minute to share your feedback and get a special thank-you coupon: [Link]."

Example 2: "Help us improve, [Name]! Tell us what you think and enter for a chance to win a [Product] of your choice. Take the survey now: [Link]."

Example 3: "Your opinion matters, [Name]. Please take a moment to complete our brief survey and enjoy 10% off your next purchase as a token of our appreciation."

Conclusion: Business text message examples serve as a bridge between brands and customers, enabling meaningful interactions and driving engagement. From promotions and personalized recommendations to event invitations, order updates, and customer feedback requests, these diverse examples illustrate the versatility of text messages in connecting businesses with their audience. By employing clear, concise, and relevant messages, businesses can create a powerful impact and cultivate lasting relationships in the digital age.